Why Yellow Deli? Print

Many have hoped and even dreamed of living a life of peace, where love and care for others was supreme. 

“But is this really possible today?” And if it were, how would it come about? Decades ago we asked ourselves this same question. It seemed to us that true love would create that kind of “togetherness,” and in fact, make it possible. But we knew our own love fell short. What we needed was to find the Source of Love. And you know what? We did! To us, He is not a mystical, religious figure, but a real human being that felt the same struggles we feel. His name is Yahshua the Messiah. Through Him our dreams were fulfilled and for the last 40 years our people have been working and raising our families together, building communities and tribes where love is the center of our life. 

In our beginnings back in the early 70’s, all we wanted was to be together, but we needed to find a way to support ourselves. So, we found a very small, humble little building and using a lot of resourcefulness and creativity, we transformed it into a warm and inviting place we called, “The Yellow Deli.” It was a unique café, built with discarded materials that, to us, were still quite useful - much like our own lives. But more amazing than the beauty and charm of the rustic décor was the life and spirit of those who had actually found love. Thus, that first little Yellow Deli became “a place to belong.” 

The life you have seen in the Common Ground Café over the past five years here in Katoomba is the same life we first experienced in the Yellow Deli of old. It is the exact life and spirit you will also find in our homes. Since our early days, we have grown into a network of communities all over the world. But we wanted to return to our “original name and pattern” of The Yellow Deli, so that internationally you could easily recognise us as a united people, a spiritual nation of twelve tribes, with the same heart and the same vision and the same love. 

We have made this cafe with the identical heart and dedication to service as in our earliest beginnings. You will see it expressed in the people who staff it and in the fine detail, yet rustic craftsmanship of the Deli interior. You are so important to us, and we hope you feel the welcome and hospitality that characterises our life together. You may find that our café can be quite busy, but please, feel free to ask if you want to know more about us - as this is our greatest desire to share what we have come to know with you personally.