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Finally the day arrived! After 15 years, we opened our doors to not close them... We will be open 24 hours, from Sunday at noon, until Friday at 3 in the afternoon. Many questions are now in the air: Why this place? Why such a restaurant in General Rodriguez? What is the "proposal?"
We write this to try to answer these and other questions, but you are always welcome to ask us personally if you would like to know more.

Why General Rodriguez?
Actually, we did not choose General Rodriguez... We did not know which was the place where we would be "planted" and where "we would take root." We went through spectacular landscapes and picturesque villages, but we were expecting something better than that: a place to share our life with others. Then, thanks to a series of different "divine interventions" we were guided to what at that time was a small and quiet town on the outskirts of the great city of Buenos Aires. This was in the year 1998. The people here were friendly and they welcomed us. Finally we find our definitive place in the San Bernardo neighborhood, on the outskirts of the town of General Rodriguez!
At that time we were few, but soon our number increased. New people who we would get to know started to join us, and some of us got married and had children. Maybe you've been to one of our weddings...
We loved being together and we loved our life in Community, but we always had a burning desire to be closer to you, our neighbors. That's why we desired and prayed to have a place in the town where we could serve and care for people and where we could grow in friendship with the people of the town, which little by little became our town.

How we got this wonderful place
Many people think that we are rich, especially because we are in the center of the town, in one of the historical corners... but we are not. We got this place in 2004. It was in ruins, desolate and abandoned. It was not very expensive, or we could never have bought it... it was a miracle. At that time it was a quiet corner, perfect in our eyes and full of future. It was the answer to our prayers!

The first steps
We had the place, but we did not know how to continue. We did not have the money to start investing. However, we knew that this place would become a "common ground." What could we do? How would we achieve the desire of our heart? Well, there was something we could do: we could clean! Let's do it. We could also make friends with our neighbors. And we did that! What an amazing surprise we had to meet each one of them! Over the years, the story of General Rodriguezand itspeople became wovenwith the history of our life, and our Yellow Deli.
Of course, it was not difficult to begin to see the problems of the building: ceiling to replace, foundation to restore, walls to demolish, floors to rebuild... Well, first things first. A group started to cut some trees that were dangerous because they were near the houses of the neighbors, and then we milledthem out in Luján, atthe sawmill of a friend to renovate the roofs and walls. Next... we repairedthe basics. After a few years, we were ready to continue! But the most important thing was still missing, what "makes" the Deli...

The barnwood
That was a great challenge. The wood that makes the Yellow Deli a special place is old barn wood, which has gone through the storms of life, erosion and climate exposure, and thismakesits beauty. No boardis too old, too rotten or discolored as to not find its place atthe Deli. Together they express the unique warmth that comes from such simplicity. We looked around, but we only found old bricks or old tin. It would not be the same to buy wood and let it age: it would not tell its story and we did not even have the resources to do it...
Suddenly something unusual happened. An extraordinary storm swept through the West of Buenos Aires City and its surroundings, knocking down thousands of old and bigtrees. Our property in the San Bernardo neighborhood where we´velivedsince 1998 (remember?) also suffered the loss of a few old trees. We were sad for the trees, but at the same time confident that it was a provision of our Abba(Father in Hebrew), we sent them to get milledand let them dry.
In any case, it was not enough. We needed people who had old wooden sheds that they wanted to demolish. We could do that job and keepthe wood. That was undoubtedly the next step. Someone said: There is wood in the North of Argentina. Another said: There is wood in the South. So we decided to go out and explore to see if our Abba would help us. We said,“Let’s goNorth,” but we werefinally directed to the South, and there we went. The doors opened! We found old wooden sheds in the hidden lands of Patagonia whose owners were willing to do business with us. After a few months of work, a semi-trailer full of precious old wood began its long journey towards General Rodríguez. It was in that adventurethat Kepha Ariel met us and found his home withus.
 However, we still did not have enough. It was time to go North, to the hot lands of Misiones. There, among the trails of red soil, sheds and huts delivered their wood, and so, after a few months of work, another truck, this time fromthe opposite direction,but with the same destination, came full of valuable old wood. Little by little, tall piles of wood began tospring up here and therearound our properties.

The last touches
Much had been done, and much was still missing. It was early 2018. We had the wood, and our friends from the other communities sent us the reinforcements we needed. From Brazil, the Czech Republic, the United States ... they came to help us so that the Deli could be born soon. Our children, who were young 15 years ago, were now byour side, with the same zeal that we had, and with even morestrength! It was a very intense year with many challenges. Friends of Rodriguez and neighboring citiessoldus materials at a good price. Wealso took advantageof manyauctions where we found equipment and air conditioners at a price that we could pay. Our desire was becoming true, and many of you have seen it develop little by little!
Finally we have a place where we can serve you, where you can feel at home, a refuge of peace in the middle of the storm. Since the storms do not respect schedules, we will be here 24 hours!